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The Precisions Solar

We want you to get the most out of your renewable energy system because we win when you win! That’s why we take a custom approach to every solar installation project. We conduct an initial site survey of your home and build a design based on your unique property.
We tailor our solutions to your needs to ensure you get the best return on investment. We want you to experience a stress-free, seamless transition to clean power. That is why we handle everything from start to finish, including permitting, installation, and testing, and work directly with your utility company.
Our Solar is Greener, Cleaner, & Better

Conventional Solar

Conventional solar systems are typically built with components from different brands and manufacturers, with multiple warranties for different parts.

The Precision Solar System

The entire Precision Solar system, from solar cell to software, are designed and engineered to work better together. The system generates more power in less space with fewer visible parts, stores unused energy, and delivers it in an elegant, minimal design.

Racking: Conventional Solar

Most conventional solar racking hardware systems (the frame that holds the panels in place) are built to fit all panel brands, compromising on aesthetics.

Racking: Precision Solar

Precision Solar’s racking system sits beneath the panels, providing a custom fit that lays flat on your roof and is barely visible from below. The accessories are designed to work together, securing your investment for the life of the system, and providing a clean aesthetic and peace of mind.

Panel: Conventional Solar

When roof space is limited, so is system power. Most conventional solar systems resort to asymmetrical installations that span multiple sides of the roof to meet the home’s energy needs.

Panel: Precision Solar

The Precision Solar system provides the highest efficiency solar available on the market to your rooftop, producing energy to run your home beautifully with fewer panels, which can result in a compact, symmetrical installation. Precision Solar panels are available in black or white sheet options.

Storage: Conventional Solar

Other storage systems are complex and messy, with multiple boxes and configurations.

Storage: Precision Solar

Our storage combines the sleek and minimalist design that customers expect from Precision Solar. Our storage system uses battery technology tested for long-term reliability and durability, backed by a 10-year warranty to give you peace of mind.

Consumption Monitoring: Precision Solar

Our system has software that helps you track how much energy you produce and use. Check in anytime from your smartphone, tablet, or desktop to see your daily energy profile, estimated savings, manage your storage and energy use, and see your positive environmental impact.

Solar Incentives by State

Net metering is a hot topic in the solar industry. Offset your energy costs by transferring your surplus power to your community.

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